Orazio’s Olive Oil is produced in Piana di Cerchiara, Calabria, Italy.

The Orazio Difference

Appearing in North American kitchens for the first time, Orazio’s Olive Oil is 100% traceable from tree to table. Our olive oil is 100% Italian, extra virgin, cold extracted, organic, non-GMO, and produced to the highest standards.

As such, it is ethically and sustainably grown, harvested, milled, cold extracted, bottled and labeled entirely on site, with a limited production, using regional Grossa di Cassano, Tondino, Carolea, and Nocellara Messinese olives.

In fact, unlike many producers, our olives are harvested, milled, and processed within 24 hours, allowing us to retain the maximum freshness and nutrients from these wonderful raw ingredients. With an aroma of green olives, fresh grass, and a tomato finish, the result is a smooth, fruity, and bright tasting oil that is quick on the pallet, with low acidity and balanced flavour, and just a mild peppery finish.

Orazio’s Olive Oil is:

  • Traceable
  • Certified Organic
  • Extra Virgin
  • Cold Extracted
  • 100% Italian
  • Non-GMO
  • Single Estate
  • Seasonally Harvested
  • Limited Production
  • Cholesterol and Sodium Free

Our Oil’s Pedigree:

  • Origin: Piana Di Cerchiara, province of Cosenza
  • Region: Calabria
  • Country: Italy
  • Mill: Rovitti
  • Tree Variety: Bruzio / Sibaritide
  • Harvest Period: November / December, annually
  • Chemistry:
    • 2014: Acidity 0.5%-Peroxide10-K232 1.77-K268 0.12-Deltak 0.00
    • 2013: Acidity 0.3%-Peroxide7-K232 1.67-K270 0.10-Deltak 0.00

How to Use Our Oil

Orazio’s Olive Oil is the hero of salad dressings, sauces, pasta finishing, on its own, or in anything else you can dream up; we’ve even heard of people using it in their skin care routines. Our favourite use is over fresh, mild cheeses, and with lemon-based dressings.

Most importantly, because our oil is so pure and rich in antioxidants, it has a high smoke point (roughly 204°C/400°F), making it versatile for sautéing and frying. Yes, you can fry with olive oil! Just control your heat by bringing it up slowly.

How to Store Our Oil

Always store Orazio’s Olive Oil in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight. When stored properly, unopened bottles retain their potency for 2-3 years after pressing; opened bottles for about 3 months. It is best to use olive oil quickly to retain its nutrient and antioxidant benefits. Oil may solidify below 10°C/50°F and appear “separated”. This is normal in high quality, pure EVOO, and does not alter the quality of the oil. Set at room temperature to restore normal viscosity; do not shake. Cloudiness and sediment are also normal.

  • I’m not a connoisseur of olive oils. Still, I can tell that, as a treat, Orazio’s Olive Oil is head and shoulders above anything I buy in stores. Thank you.

  • This is the most fragrant olive oil I have ever used. We’ve made our own body oil for the last 30 years, so we decided to give this olive oil a try. My skin absorbed it quickly. I will use it again.

    Robbin S.
  • My husband is a chef for a high-end local restaurant chain, and he was blown away by the flavour and fragrance of the oil. Needless to say, when he uses it in his cooking at home, it has to pass his toughest critic — our five-year-old daughter. She noticed a difference right away in her food, and now asks for her “sauce” all the time.

    Kaila S.
  • I received Orazio’s Olive Oil as a gift and it was nothing short of exceptional. Nutty and smooth, the taste transports you to Southern Italy. It elevated salads to a whole new level.

    Amy L.