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Positive Thinking of the Family Farmers Yields High Quality Olive Oil.

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When climatic conditions are humid and exceedingly wet in Italy, in the Spring time, the infestation occurs naturally on the Olive Fruit. When the Family Farmers noticed some patchy infestation caused by the Olive Fruit Fly on the Olive trees, the Farmers pruned some of the affected trees and sprayed Neem Oil to prevent more spreading. This method seems to be very effective. The yield was less but the quality of Olive Oil was higher.

Crate of Orazio's Olive Oil Arrives in May, 2017

Crate of Orazio’s Olive Oil Arrives in May, 2017

The natural dry climate of the area, recognizing of the Fruit Fly and quick thinking on behalf of the Farmers; reduced the risk of infestation and saved the crops.

That higher quality of Extra Virgin Olive Oil has arrived in Vancouver. We have limited quantity. Please tell all your friends… Gift it for any occasion… Donate to Fund Raising causes! Place your Order before it is all gone!

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